GW Equalizing Assembly

New product



To hold pressure differentials from above and below, when attached to the W, Z lock assemblies.


Consists of the following components:

  1. 1. Fishneck
  2. 2. Prong Mandrel
  3. 3. Washer
  4. 4. Stop Ring
  5. 5. Segments
  6. 6. Shear Pin Retainer
  7. 7. G Bottom
  8. 8. Clean Out Plug
  9. 9. Female Back-Up Ring
  10. 10. V-Packing
  11. 11. Male Backup


Once assembled with the desired lock assembly, the plug is pinned onto the C-1 / C-2 Running Tool and set with wireline in the corresponding profile.


Ensure No-go dimensions correspond with desired nipple size.

Ensure all O rings and seals, and seal bores are undamaged.
There are 2 types of prong fishing necks, one for the W and Z, and one for the S Equalizing Assemblies.