RN Lock

New product



To locate and lock into a bottom no-go RN seating nipple.


The RN lock mandrels have internal fishing necks, their components are:

1. Fish Neck
2. Expander Sleeve
3. Key Retainer Sleeve
4. Packing Mandrel
5. Key Springs
6. Keys
7. Packing Assembly

The RN lock mandrels with the flow control components are designed for the RN seating nipples installed in standard weight tubing. These lock mandrels similar in design to the X equipment are non selective. Once landed in the seating nipple these mandrels are mechanically locked. This is done by driving the expander sleeve behind the keys, holding the mandrel in a locked position.

Running tool required is R and pulling tool required is the GS or GR.


Ensure the ratchet rings on the expander sleeve and inner keys are not excessively worn.