TQ Lock

TQ Lock

New product



To plug off well bore for work over or surface maintenance operations.


Consists of the following components:

1. Running Neck
2. Fishneck.
3. Keys
4. Packing mandrel
5. No-go (optional)
6. Female Adapter
7. Male Adapter

The lock is pinned onto proper running tool with care taken to ensure that running neck or running tool is in good condition to ensure proper release.


Install J / P running tool onto running neck of lock by lining up tangential pin holes and pin with brass shear pin(ensure that running tool moves freely on running neck). Run lock mandrel in wellbore to desired nipple and set by jarring packing into seal bore, once packing is in seal bore, pull tension into toolstring to pull move body of lock mandrel up, this allows keys to locate into locking profile and be held in place by taper.

Pulling Procedure

To remove lock mandrel from wellbore, a RS pulling tool is used to actuate the centre body of the mandrel down until the slip carrier can be latched and the lock mandrel retrieved from the wellbore.


Sand or debris in wellbore may hinder setting operations.