GS Pulling Tool

New product



Manipulation and retrieving of down hole Wireline tools.


Consists of nine components:

1. Fishneck
2. Core
3. Shear Sub
4. Cylinder
5. Core Spring
6. Spring Retainer
7. Dog Spring
8. Dog Retainer
9. Dogs


Shear pin placement is through top cylinder sub and core. Dogs are contained in the lower end of the cylinder, and held in place by the dog retainer. Similar to the external pulling tools the core is tapped to accept prongs or core extensions. Shearing of the GS pulling tool is accomplished with downward jarring. The core is driven down as the cylinder lands on top of the internal fishing neck body.

Once the pin is sheared the dogs retract up to tapered recess of core. The tension of the core spring holds the dogs retracted, allowing the pulling tool to release from the fish. GS pulling tools are normally pinned with brass, or mild steel.


Sand or debris on top of fishneck may hamper the shearing ability in such cases a GR may be used.

Care should be taken to inspect the dogs, skirt, and fishneck for damage such as metal, fatigue, cracking , or deformity of the metal.