RJ Pulling Tool

RJ Pulling Tool

New product



To retrieve subsurface tools.


RJ is made up of nine components:

1. Fishneck
2. Spring Sleeve
3. Core Spring
4. Shear Pin Cover
5. Skirt
6. Dog Spring
7. Dog Washer
8. Dog
9. J Core


TheRJ has a short core, and in turn is capable of swallowing debris, broken tool, or slickline fragments.

Used when there is a need to jar up to shear off a subsurface tool and/or fish when a jar down tool is not desired.

The core may be easily changed out in the field to allow for deeper or shallower reach depending on application.


Care should be taken to inspect the dogs, skirt, and fishneck for damage such as metal . fatigue, cracking , or deformity of the metal.