Collet Pulling Tool

New product



Designed to pull downhole wireline equipment with external fishnecks.


The Collet Pulling Tools is made up of ten main components:

  1. 1. Fishneck
  2. 2. Body
  3. 3. Core Cap
  4. 4. Core
  5. 5. Core Spring
  6. 6. Shear Pin Cover
  7. 7. Skirt
  8. 8. Dog Spring
  9. 9. Collet
  10. 11. Set Screw 11
  11. 12. Set Screw 12

The BT Collet Pulling Tool can be ran as a jar up CRU or jar down CRD and can be changed back and forth just like a Camco JUC or JDC.


When the collet slides over the fishneck to be retrieved it surrounds the fishneck 360 degrees so that even damaged fishnecks can be pulled.  This tool can withstand much more excessive jarring than conventional pulling tools.


Avoid placing vise jaws or pipe wrenches near windows on skirt. Remove the set screws before disassembly when servicing check for cracks and damaged parts.

Ensure when Running a CRD that the tool has sufficient distance for skirt to travel downwards to allow the tool to be sheared.